Epson Maintenance Print Feb 3rd 2023

The shoot happened because there was an adobe contest I felt like trying. I just wanted to paint my friends face green and put eggs in place of his eyes and shoot. It was a really fun shoot and making the eggs in a small sauce pan because thats the only one that we had that worked with the induction top was hilarious. After breaking a few egg yolks I got some sunny side eggs I was happy with.  I had him lie down on the background I had made when I was working at Mission High and placed the eggs on his face and went with the shoot. After the initial shots I got for the contest were taken. I just threw the rest of the eggs on him and told him to tear them off and well shoot for fun. I ended up really like these images the best from the shoot. Since I’ve been working on some screen prints in the proportions of Polaroids I decided to throw this in a similar format and print it on the Epson. I like it on the Hahnemuhle paper, I was a little hesitant because of the gloss it worked out on this print.